Remote car starters


is it better to have a remote car starter installed by the dealer,2007 Honda accord,or a independent?


I think it really depends on the independent shop. Does Honda have an optional remote starter that the dealer can sell / install for you? (I know GM and Ford do.) If so, I would think that would be the absolute optimal route. A few of the big name keyless entry / alarm / remote start companies that I know of have pretty nice plug-in harnesses now that almost eliminate the need to splice in to the existing column and ECM harnesses. I would be hesitant to have an independent shop do any splicing on a relatively complicated car like an '07 Accord.

Not really a firm answer, I know, but I am really leaning toward a, “Have the dealer do it” option.


Some cars cannot have aftermarket starters installed on them. My mom’s 05 Cobalt is one of them(something about the battery in the trunk). So, it’d be better to have it installed at the factory/dealership. It’s an option for Chargers/300, but it doesn’t list a price on the build page, so it’s either free, or the dealership sets it’s own price and/or outsources it.


I was thinking along the lines of having the dealership install it. Thanks


I can’t really answer your question, but I might ask you a question. Are you really sure you want one. The usual reason for wanting one is to have a nice warm car to get in and drive off. Most of the world has made it thousands of years before this gadget. :slight_smile:

Keep in mind that it is not really good for a car to warm up by idling. It is far better for the car to start it and as soon as the engine is running smoothly (just a matter of seconds with most modern cars) drive off at reduced speeds for a short distance while not just the engine, but the suspension, brakes, power steering and transmission all warm up together.


I wouldn’t have one installed. Unless it’s factory installed, you could have serious problems later.


I guess I’ll have to reconsider installing the remote. With these new cars today it could be a P.i.T.A
You know the old saying: “if it ain’t broke,don’t fix it”. Thanks everyone.


I’ve installed remote starters (myself) on about 7-10 vehicles I’ve owned over the past 10 years. I’ve never had a problem with any of them. The newer cars with the transponder type of anti-theft systems do require an additional by pass kit, which again, I installed myself and have never had a problem with. You’ll need a spare key, assuming you have the transponder type of system. Personally, I wouldn’t have a vehicle without one. Up here in New England you’ll use it for a solid 5 months - even during a mild winter !


You really should check to see if your Honda dealer offers one to install. It may even be a Honda-branded device.


I’ve used my remote starter on my car even during the summer. Get about half way to my car and start it up on a hot, sunny day and have a nice cooled off cabin to climb into.


I agree with McP. We’ve had several posts here in the past wherein remote starter installations have messed up modern security systems and the posters have had all manner of problems.