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Remote start possessed

I have a audiovox remote start that was dealer installed over 1 year ago. lately when i start the car using the remote, the car starts shuts off after a couple seconds then continues doing this over and over. I have to put my key in and turn it on and off manually to stop it.

Does this car have an anti-theft device in the key (transponder) ? If so, this sounds like there’s a problem with the security by-pass module. What year and model is it ???

What do you want us to do?? Take it back to the installer…If it’s out of warrantee, have it replaced or removed…

Reason # 394 why I will never own a car with remote start.

The list of possible problems with remote start units is a very long one, and even if someone was able to diagnose it over the internet, is the OP qualified to disassemble and fix this electronic device?

Like with most other modern electronic devices, most problems with a remote start unit are not consumer-repairable, and in many cases, the only solution is to replace the unit rather than spending more money for the labor necessary to repair it.

Unless the OP is able to actually perform complex electronic repairs himself, the only solution that makes any sense is what Caddyman suggested, namely to take it back to the installers and have them either repair it, replace it, or remove it.

If you looked the remote starter unit before it was installed you’d see there are a zillion wires on these things. They connect to and interact with multiple electrical circuits. They are much more complicated than the function they perform.

When they fail the cost of diagnosis and repair is much more than the unit costs to begin with. If you have a warranty take it back to the installer for a claim. If out of warranty and you have to have one, get a new one. If you can live without it then just use the key and drive on.

no antitheft device in the key. It’s a 2006 Toyota Camry. Since the start system works great unless the remote is used, I am assuming it’s in the add-on remote start module itself. I gonna look for the possibility of a loose wire or bad connection. Otherwise, I don’t think it’s worth messing with. Thanks

Actually I’ve had remote starts for years and if you live in an area with cold winters… they are the shitZ! … no getting up and scraping frost. I’m spoiled.

“Actually I’ve had remote starts for years and if you live in an area with cold winters… they are the shitZ!”

I’m confused by the use of that terminology in this context.
Is that a compliment or a complaint?