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Remote side view mirror replacement

Does anyone know where I could get accurate directions for mounting a passenger side mirror replacement on my '02 Chevy Tracker (Suzuki GV)? Replacement came without mounting screws or directions. Thanks

Usually the inside door panel has to be removed, along with the plastic trim piece (triangle) in the lower front corner of the window, to access the screws holding the mirror assembly to the door.

A service manual for your vehicle, such as Haynes, might help. Factory manuals are always best, but also always more expensive.

Perhaps someone with more knowledge of online repair databases will come along with a suggestion.

I’ve only changed two, one on a '91 Camry and the other on a Civic. In both cases after popping off the triangular “garnish” I was able to access all three holding bolts.

On the Camry I had ready access to all three holding bolts.

On the Civic I had to wedge something into the inside corner of the inside trim piece oven the lower bolts abd carefully use a box-end wrench (tied to a string in cas I dropped it in there). The correct way on the Civic would have been to remove the door panel.

If it is not power (on a Tracker?) it should be pretty easy as you don’t have to get to the harness connection. See if that mentioned triangle piece when removed gives enough access,then its just the nuts (use old hardware if possible)