How to replace a side door mirror



How do I access the wiring connector for a driver side door mirror on a 2003 Chrysler Town & Country van? I thought a door mirror replacement would be a simple task. Thanks…


On the inside of the door, there should be a plastic cover that pops off that allows access to the hardware and wiring to the mirror.



The mirror is mounted on body rather than door. Wiring goes into side of dash. I’ve removed the lower dash cover, but still can’t see or touch wiring connector. Thanks…


The instrument panel top cover is held down with metal clips, carefully pry it up and you will see the mirror connector .


Thanks. This is getting closer. The mirror connector is behind a vent duct. Should I drop the lower instrument panel, since I now have access to its screws?


I finally figured it out… I had to remove the front top panel of the dash. This panel spans the entire width of the dashboard and simply pops up after removing the driver side roll bar cover. There it lay, taped and clipped to a larger wire bundle. Thanks for the hint Nevada…