Remote door locks and alarm on a 2007 Sonata

when I lock the doors none of the lights flash and the horn doesn’t beep when I push the remote twice. The alarm goes of occaisionally also. I have made sure that all of the doors are locked and everything is closed up. what is going on. By the way when I unlock the doors remotely everything works fine.

Ask Your Friendly Hyundai Service People To Look Up A September, 2009 Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) #09-BE-026 And See If This Bulletin Pertains To Your Problem. I Can’t Tell What Model-Years It Covers.

I don’t understand the operation of your remote, but from what it sounds like the response you’re getting is a response one would get if a door was ajar or something. How about your hood ?

Anyway this TSB addresses a problem with some Genesis, Tiburon, Sonata, Tucson, Entourage, and Elantra models concerning the vehicle alarm system intermittently sounding.

The problem is caused by a too short hood switch pad (a tiny little black rubber piece on the uderside of the driver’s side edge of the front hood). It must have to depress a switch when the hood is closed, but it’s too short. A new longer (by +2.5 mm) “pad” part #92736-3A000 replaces the old one.

This might fix your system because they say after it’s installed to press your lock button and verify that the doors lock and the hazards flash once and press it twice to hear it answer back.

I would try opening the hood when your having the problem and locate and hold down that switch with my finger while I tried the remote. If it works, well there you go.

There’s a chance that the service and parts people at the dealership know about this without even looking it up and know what part you need. It sounds common.

Does this sound right ? Let us know what happens.


I had this same problem happen in my 2004 Hyundai Sonata.

In my case, it turned out to be a relay. The relay is located under the dash (in a place where you will skin your hands getting it out and in). It cost about $11.00 from a dealer. There is one relay for locking the doors and another (identical) relay for unlocking the doors.

You could swap the “lock” and “unlock” relays. If the car now successfully locks, but doesn’t unlock, you’ve hit the problem.

Isn’t this car still under warranty?

Not the end to end warranty. The 100K warranty only covers the drive train.

CSA: You are 100% correct. When I push down on the front center of the hood everything works the way it should. I cannot, however, locate the sensor or the pad. Do you know where it is?

From What I Can Ascertain, I’d Look For . . .

. . . a tiny little black rubber piece on the underside of the hood on the driver’s side. Look near the edge of the hood on that side, somewhere between the front of the hood and back of the hood.

That rubber piece contacts and depresses a switch attached to the car body below it when the hood is closed.


After deal of searching on the driver’s side of the hood, I found the rubber piece on the passenger side of the hood. I placed a bit of tape on the rubber bumper and closed the hood. Everything works fine. I’m going to order the part today. Thanks for your assistance. By the way even the TSB indicates that the bumper is on the drivers side. I’ve attached a copy.

You’re Welcome. You Can See Where I Got The Reversed Location Information. Anyhow, After A Minor Setback, I’m Glad It Worked Out For You.

As a former Automotive Parts Department Manager (somewhere in my ancient history) I would think that many Subaru dealers (probably larger dealers) would have several of these parts in stock, but it sounds like the tape idea has you covered until the correct part is obtained.


“I would think that many Subaru dealers (probably larger dealers) would have several of these parts in stock”

Since the car in question is a Hyundai, wouldn’t the OP be better-off using Hyundai parts?


Very good call on the trouble CSA. You knocked it out of the park on the first swing.

Oops! VDCD, I Should Have Known You’d Catch My Faux Pas. It Doesn’t Excuse My Ignorance, But I Don’t Know A Hyundai From A Subaru. I Never See Any Of Either One Unless I Glimpse Them Passing Through.

I will correct my statement to say, " . . . I would think that many Hyundai dealers (probably larger dealers) would have several of these parts in stock . . . ."


Cougar, Thank You Sir. Not Bad Considering That It Looks Like I Don’t Know A Hyundai From A Subaru, Eh ? Even a Blind Squirrel Finds An Acorn Once In While !



I hope you realize that I was just having some fun with you.
Your technical knowledge and advice are among the best in this forum!


VDCD, Regarding Your First Sentence, Yes, Of Course I Realized That. Regarding The Second Sentence, I’m Not So Sure, But Appreciate The Compliment.


I’m not buying that blind squirrel line CSA. You, and a number of others here always have good advice for posters here.