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How big of a problem is this

For the last year or so my car’s horn has not been working when it is warm or humid out - I can hear a click if I am outside the car when the horn or lock button is pressed but no sound. (at least that is when it seems to me to have issues). Now (last month) my driver side door must be unlocked and locked manually, the remote and unlock/lock buttons do not work, again most of the time but not every time.
I am wondering what could be wrong and how costly it would be to fix it/how long it would take to fix it.
I am very car-stupid and only got this car (hyundai sonanta 2010) because of the warranty, my last question is would it be covered under warranty and will I die if I don’t get it fixed.

Sounds like it’s time to find out what that warranty is really worth…

It sounds like two separate issues. I am no expert on Hyundai warranties, but I would expect that both the horn and the door lock actuator would be covered by your warranty.

Are you talking about the new car warranty, or an after market warranty?(really an insurance policy)

I suggest you take your car to whoever provided the warranty and ask them if it is covered.

One question about the remote, does the red light on the remote flash, when you push a button??? I wonder if you just have a weak battery on the remote.

As for warranty that car has a bumper to bumper 5 year 60,000 mile warranty. If you are under 60k bring it to the dealer and let him fix it free.

Agreed on almost all of this. The horn should be warranty unless you’re over on miles, or have physically beaten the horn into submission - which is doubtful.

The only other addition I have is that if the remote is not working due to a weak battery, that may or may not be covered under warranty. If it’s not covered, you’ll probably spend more money on gas getting to the store than what a new remote battery will cost.

The batteries in the remote must be replaced from time to time. When you say that you have to lock and unlock the doors manually, please clarify. There should be a button that operates all the locks at the same time, i.e. power door lock. Does this work reliably? If so, then I would suspect the remote battery.

"Now (last month) my driver side door must be unlocked and locked manually, the remote and unlock/lock buttons do not work"
The power locks and remotes work for all three other doors and trunk. only the drivers door "sticks" or does not work for time to time. I do still have the warranty 10 yr or 100,000 from the dealer but that was bought up in RI and I now live in PA. That warranty should be good in all states right?

Its good in all states and this should be covered. That pretty much narrows it down to a solenoid issue or linkage issue. The horn sounds like either a relay issue or the horn itself, more likely the horn itself.

You can get warranty work at any authorized Hyundai dealer. I suggest that you dig into your glove box and pull out the warranty information to see exactly what is covered and for how long. While you are there, read the owner’s manual if you haven’t already.

Cross your fingers this is covered by the warranty. Otherwise, it might prove expensive to diagnose and repair. It can be fixed likely. Best done probably by a Hyandai specialist, like at the dealers or an inde who specialized in that make. Ask for an estimate before agreeing to fix it, as you might decide it’s better to just live with these problems.

Well I took your advice and took it to the dealer they could fix the lock problem they ordered the part last week and it came in today - it was covered under warranty (a lock actuator).

They however told me I was crazy because the horn worked and looked fine. 2 weeks later (earlier today I had them look again now that they were putting in the new lock thingy) they told me that the reason the horn did not work was because the door was not locking and the alarm was not engaging - They simply ignored the fact that if my horn does not work it does not work for both the fob and the horn pad/button/thing in the middle of the steering wheel. It seems to work each time I take it to the dealer but then later stops - I was riding home from the dealer today (around 9 pm) and needed it but the dang thing only clicked again, no horn I think this could be dangerous but I cant seem to get it to the dealer when it is acting up - I no longer think it is humidity that is the problem but need some ideas how to convince the dealer that I’m not crazy (also dealer told me if they could find the reason the warranty covers it).


Thanks again for your suggestions above.

If it doesn’t work with the horn button or fob, my first suspect would be the the horn relay or maybe a wire connector going to the horn.
Since it is intermittent, it’ll be tricky to diagnose. Does it ever not sound the horn when you’re sitting still?

If so, get an automotive test light and put it on the horn’s contacts. See if you see it light up when you press the horn button/fob.

It does not seem to care if the car is moving or stitting still. Do you think a place like Auto Zone or Advanced Auto parts would do that for me or atleast have one for sale? And I guess I would have to wait until it stops working until I can do that test correct?