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Hyundai automatic locks

The automatic locks on my 2002 Sonata have stopped working in the unlock phase. I can lock them, but not unlock w/ remote or door switch. Dealer indicates maybe $600 or so to just investigate…ouch! Are there any easier solutions? When you lock with the remote and unlock w/ key before unlocking with remote, the alarm goes off.

Now I’m apprehensive every time I unlock the door…I kind of flinch. Help?!

Try replacing the battery in the remote switch.

Did you mean the switch in the door? If so, does that entail taking the whole door apart? If you meant the remote fob on the keys, it does lock with that. And when I push unlock, the headlights flash like something was going on, but of course it isn’t. Thanks for responding!

Waterboy was referring to the battery in the key fob.

So that might make a difference? Even tho the “lock” part of it works? Can I replace battery myself or does dealer need to do it? Also, have tried both key fobs and neither works on the unlock, altho as I say, the lights flash.

You can definitely do this yourself, and if these are the original batteries in your fobs, I would suggest that they be changed since they are at least 7 years old. The fob can be opened either by removing a very small screw or by prying it apart (carefully) with a small screwdriver.

At the risk of being obvious (and repetitive), I would suggest that you look at your Owner’s Manual for specific instructions on opening the key fob.

The battery can be obtained cheaply at Radio Shack stores, and if you don’t have the small “jeweler’s” screwdrivers that may be needed, these are also sold at Radio Shack. And, even if battery replacement does not fix this problem, the batteries are overdue for replacement anyway.