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Hyundai Alarm Goes Off - Hood Switch?

My '07 Elantra alarm goes off at random and I’m thinking that it’s a misadjusted hood switch. When I lock the car and press on the hood switch, I see the lights flash.

I would like to try to avoid a trip to the dealer. What is involved in adjusting the hood switch?

I can just lock the car with the key–right?

You will have to inspect the hood switch and determine how it’s attached and whether or not there is any means of adjustment. It’s also possible to adjust the pads on which the hood rests when it’s closed.

The alarm should be activated whether you lock the car with the key or the remote.

Isn’t this car still under warranty? Why not let the dealer adjust it?

The dealer told me that “adjustments” aren’t covered and it does say that in the manual for the manufacturer’s warranty as well. I don’t trust dealers with repairs and am wondering how much time/money such an adjustment may cost.

You might want to check with Hyundai’s customer care people (contact info should be in your Owner’s Manual) regarding this issue. The way that the alarm system is currently functioning, makes it a defective part of your vehicle, and the warranty is supposed to cover defects in material and workmanship for the stated time period.

A defective part is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and whatever part is the problem–be it the hood switch or anything else–falls under that warranty coverage. You may think that it is something that simply needs to be adjusted, while in reality, it may wind up being something that needs to be replaced, and that is covered by the warranty.

Personally, I would hold their feet to the fire until it is repaired at no cost to you. I am a very thrifty person by nature, and I have never lost in my attempts to have vehicle defects repaired under warranty. It is frequently just a matter of being politely persistent.

Well, in that case it’s a DIY project.