Remember to flag spam

True story, @Yosemite, I’m such a practical girl I got a Snuggie for Christmas two years ago just so I could moderate without getting my arms cold!

My wife had two that she tried to sell at a Rummage sale. They look ok on TV and tailored to fit somewhat. But she decided that she didn’t want to look like “The cookie Monster”.


@cdaquila FYI there were 3 spam flags on this thread before I added a 4th and as far as I can tell, it’s still visible.

@shadowfax, what was that thread? I don’t recall removing it and when I click on it it says the discussion’s not found. It’s not in the mod queue. Though I changed the threshold in the Vanilla settings, it seems to still want 5 flags before it disappears. (Or one flag from me.)

Side note: I was awfully happy to see some on-topic, English-language spam this morning. :smirk:

@cdaquila it was the one where the guy was hocking some sort of display that you can put on your shop counter to tell people why it’s important to get oil changes or something.

Flagged four or five foreign posts last evening.
Most had more than 5 views but only a few flags.
Now they are gone.

Um, careful what you wish for. I’m on the night shift though and my finger is on the button.

Seems like they come in around 10 PM PST.

I just got a bunch of new ones.

Started showing up again about 1:00 last night. Nobody around though. The guys must get paid by the post or something.


Back again.

Need five Spam flags to remove Korean posts

And I was the fifth. It almost instantly disappeared as soon as I hit the spam button for the second time. The first time opens the spam list and the second sets the spam callout.

We need a new badge, spamkiller!

A CSA badge. Somebody’s gonna love that!

Hey, thanks! You guys are quick this morning. I deleted a bunch and went back to bed, but thanks for taking care of the new stuff. I can get behind that badge. :smile:

May I request that, if a new badge is created for those of us who are spam killers, at least the word “assassin” is spelled correctly on the badge?


Too many ss and a’s in that word. Maybe we should give that badge to the spammers.

I just want Marvin the Martian’s ray gun to zap the spammers. :-))