Remanufactured Fuel Injectors - a good choice?

Are re-manufactured Fuel Injectors - a good choice?
I see some on eBay - the seller has good reviews

In general, do people have good success?

I tried changing the O-rings, from Acura, etc but no luck - it worked for a very short time.

A special ultrasonic injector cleaner machine will have the same result.Go to your dealer for that

There are good injector rebuilders that make a good product. They also “blueprint” the injectors so they all perform equally. That is the best situation for making a smooth powerful engine. That’s how most started. Can’t say if E-bay-ers have a good reputation or not. The internet is your friend.

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How can ultrasonic injector cleaner eliminate leak?

An ultrasonic cleaner will have nothing to do with any leaks. Reman injectors are fine if they’re sonic cleaned AND reverse flushed.

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I would clean and reuse existing injectors

watch next video on how to clean your injectors on a dime:

I did something similar, but used an air compressor to push cleaner fluid through: after only few sprays my multi-port injectors spray pattern changed from from few ports working to all ports working properly and symmetric spray pattern

you might want to grab some rebuild kit like this:|Model%3AIntegra&hash=item2118335ddb:g:xMsAAOSwn25aBV9n&vxp=mtr

you would need to check for the kit for your specific vehicle year

youtube is also full of videos specific for Integra, for example: