Fuel injector cleaners

do the fuel injector cleaners really work?

They work… but only on dirty fuel injectors. They have no effect on clean fuel injectors, and perhaps 99% of modern cars have clean fuel injectors.

If you are having some sort of problem with your car, go ahead and try some fuel injector cleaner. It won’t make things worse. But don’t expect a miracle healing.

I agree with Steve. Few cars need their injectors cleaned. Standard gasoline has plenty of cleaner in it, normally you will never need more. I might add that Premium (Hi-Test) does not by nature have more cleaning ability, just higher octane.

One thing to add…if your vehicle is equipped with a changable fuel filter then keep it changed. My last 2 pathfinders and my wifes Accord’s I’d change the filter about twice during the recommended interval change and they were ALWAYS filthy.

Right on! My mechanic told me the same thing in answer to my question on fuel injection cleaners; he routinely gets cars in with 250-300,000 miles with injectors that have never been cleaned, and he only recommends it when there is a problem. This guy builds dragsters as well as restores antique cars.