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New or Rebuilt Injector?

My '98 Toyota 4Runner with a 3.4L has 185K miles. I have a bad injector (open circuit between injector terminals) and noticed that a new injector is about 3 times the cost of a rebuilt one. Should I get a new one or a rebuilt? The remanufacturing process is basically a cleaning with new o-rings. So I get a clean injector with old electronics. Is there a limit to the life of the electronics in an injector?


The failure of the electrical components on a fuel injector is generally rare enough that it shouldn’t be much of a concern. Heck, the electrical parts on the rebuild might be newer than your other 5!

Now, sometimes remanufactured injectors can have other problems where the core just gets worn out and they don’t meter or vaporize the fuel well even after a rebuild. Some engines are more finicky than others, but for the huge price discrepancy, I think it’s generally worth the risk to just stick with rebuilds. Another option if you don’t mind it being out of service for a while is that there’s mail-order services out there where you can actually mail in your injector and they’ll rebuild it and send back your same one, which might be a little safer than getting any-old-injector down at the parts store.

Generally, though, I would just go for a parts store rebuild if there’s not too much labor involved in swapping them out.

OK. Thanks. I’ll go for the rebuilt! I found a FAQ of a place that rebuilds injectors and they said the electronics are good for 400 - 500k miles.

If the any part is easy to replace and the costs saving of a rebuilt or used replacement is significant, I say, go for it.