Redwood Tree Residue Removal

Does anyone have a magic bullet for removing redwood tree residue from auto finish? My white Camry looks like it has freckles! Thank you.

Have you tried Goo Gone? That usually works for tough stains on my car.

Try turpentine. It is made from pine trees, so it should disolve the goo from a redwood just fine and not eat the paint. I would, howerer, test it on an inconspicous place to make sure it does not discolor the finish. It shouldn’t, but best to test just to be sure. Also, be sure to wash the car after using any solvent. No point in risking the finish any more than you have to.

I’ve had success using WD-40 to remove tree sap. Try it on an inconspicous spot and see what happens. If it works, tackle the other spots. If it doesn’t work, you won’t need to waste any more WD-40.

Have a look here:

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