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Pine sap

This is a burning question in my condo complex - what product can be used to get pine sap off of cars?

I’ve used WD40

And that doesn’t harm the finish?

Have you tried Goo Gone? Wash and wax the car after you get the sap off.

I’ve had excellent results with GooGone.

I have used WD40 to remove pine sap and it didn’t damage the finish.

If you have a good waxed paint surface, all I have ever used is Meguire’s car wash in a bucket with a terry towel to scrub with. Use the clay bar treatment for stubborn spots but I’d be real careful with solvents such as goo gone.

Bug and tar remover or kerosene.

I looked at the Goo Gone Material Safety Data Sheet and it does not look too nasty, but the label says that it removes paint (presumably only fresh paint) and wax, so I would be cautious about putting it on my car.

I also have had excellent results with WD40 with no damage to the finish. WD40 may take the wax off, though.

WD40 is safe for paint and removes pine tar, road tar and sticker adhesives. Toyota sells Toyo Guard in the south and it works GREAT on bugs, pine tar & road tar.