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Safely removing sap?

Anyone have easy ways to remove pine tree sap without damaging the clear coat? The car is new, so I want to extra careful. Thanks in advance!

WD-40 will not damage your paint, and it will soften the sap.
Spray some on the spots, wait ~ a minute, and then rub lightly with a soft cloth–like an old T-shirt. You may have to do it a few times to remove all of the residue.

Or, you might want to buy Turtle Wax Bug & Tar Remover, which also works well.

Cloth baby diapers are the safest. Hot soapy water, use Dawn dish soap. You will need wax the car after. WD-40 is good too. The bug and tar remover works ok, but I find Dawn work the best. I use get some pre soak that was use at the self serve car wash. It was green like antifreeze. We mixed it 1qt to a gal of water. Spayed it on let it sit a min and hand wash and the car was clean. This stuff worked on tar,sap and any bugs. I wish I could sill get it.

Bounce…The dryer sheets.

Take a couple and wet them…They work great on sap, bugs and tar.

GooGone. It works great…and is safe for your finishes.

I’m not saying it is safe for either the finish or the person doing it, but I have always used a soft cotton cloth and just enough gasoline to dampen a small section of the cloth. Like one teaspoon at a time.

Gasoline is one powerful solvent. It will clean the tree sap off right away, but it may also dissolve the clear coat and the paint. It’s safer to try the methods above. But if you do try the gasoline method, remember to follow all the common sense safety precautions involved with working with gasoline, try it in a less-visible place first, and have a bucket of hot soapy water to remove the gasoline right away, after the tree sap is gone. And have a fire extinguisher on hand.