Reconditioning Leather

My maroon leather front seats have wear spots/creases in the leather where the maroon is faded/showing a tan or beige color underneath. Would a product like Leather CPR or similar product return the leather to its original color/shine? Or would these areas have to be redyed? I am hesitant to dye because only a small section is worn/discolored – the seats otherwise look new. Thank you for your help!

Nothing besides a dye will restore the color. I’m amazed the color is faded. I’ve NEVER heard of that happening before. I wouldn’t dye it…Get some saddle-soap…clean the leather real good…then add a conditioner…And live with the fading.

The trick is to condition the leather before you have problems. Once you have the discoloration, it is too late. Go to a local motorcycle or leather shop and see what they recommend. I alternate between leather conditioner, saddle soap, and Armor All. However, Armor All will make your seats slippery, so it might not be a good idea on seats.