98 Grand Marquis upholstery


Original owner. Leather and vinyl seating areas were apparently painted and not dyed. The paint is wearing off. Any ideas? Anyone heard from Ford about a fix for this inferior process and result?


I would suggest Ford is not going to respond. However a good local leather shop, one that deals with leather furniture, should be able to take a look and tell you want your options are.


See if you can find some matching upholstery paint. It will say “upholstery paint” and when dry is somewhat flexible. I have seen some for sale at upholstery shops as well as a few auto parts stores. A friend used some on armrests and the driver’s seat and it worked very well.


After checking out the prices for a fix, check to see if you can find some parts from a salvage yard. These cars are plentiful. Seats from Grand Marquis will fit. Town Car seats will fit and are reputed to be much more comfortable. There are wiring issues. People at Crownvic.net can advise you an those issues.