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How to protect leather seats

My last car was a 2004 Saturn Vue with leather seats. At 6 years and 95K miles, the leather on the driver’s seat was dry and cracked, and a bit flaky in spots. There was also wear or ground in dirt on the seat back.

Now I have a 2010 Ford Fusion with leather seats. What can I do to keep the seats in better condition longer? Are there any products that are better than others, or products that I should avoid?

Saddle soap. It keeps the leather moist and supple, and cleans it as well.

Stay away from Armour All. Not good for leather.

Stop by a high end furniture store that handles leather products. They should have just what you are looking for.

And if the leather gets scratched or starts to develop surface cracks, use Leatherique’s leather restorer. It’s really expensive, and it’s a pain in the butt to use, but the results are impressive.

Lexol has a good reputation.

Make sure to cover the seat with a towel if you get in the car after exercising. Salt is very bad for leather.