Re-re leather seats


Just condos again about my leather seat problem. Thanks for all your replies. One of you ask if this was factory installed leather, yes it was ,it is the top of the line Honda CRV built in Japan. It was listed on the paper attached to the side window. Don,t know what one of you meant by conditioning the leather, nothing in the manual about that. What do you condition with? Thanks again.


Condition it with semi-annual applications of Lexol, available at most parts houses.


The BEST treatment for leather is saddlesoap, available at your local supermarket near the shoe polish.

All hides are not equal, and the demand for upholstery leather exceeds the supply. It sounds like yours has stretched, a common problem with light-weight grain leather. I doubt the dealer will do anything but a good upholstery shop can resew the seat cover and restore the fit…


Leather dries out in time. Conditioner helps. Autoparts stores and good furniture stores will have products that should help.


Anyone who has ever used Lexol, a modern 20th century product, would never go back to saddle soap. Your leather items of all types, including your saddle, will thank you.