Leather care

I am wanting some opinions on some of the better leather care options for car seats these days. I have been told Mothers has a decent one, but I would like some other options to research and compare to.

Don’t buy a car with light colored upholstery. Simple Green would get the crud off but I wouldn’t recommend it for leather. Don’t do what I did. The leather cleaner I bought did nothing at all. That is all my knowledge as far as leather is concerned. Maybe check with an auto upholsterer if you happen to be friends with one.

The best leather, vinyl, convertible top cleaner is Lemon Pledge.

The foaming action lifts and removes dirt from the surface, and when wiped off leaves the lemon oil behind to protect/waterproof the material.

We at the http://msra.com/ have used Lemon Pledge to protect our classic vehicles for years.


That’s interesting Tester. Lemon Pledge is also excellent for cleaning bugs off of motorcycle and aircraft windshields.

For leather preservation, I recommend and use Lexol. I bought a gallon a few years ago, and have probably treated a couple dozen cars with it. Leather was alive once, and needs to be fed once in a while.I may have to restock soon.

What about recoloring my drivers seat? The leather is fine, but I’ve worn some of the gray off after 120,000 miles. I have seen dyes or paints on line, but I wonder if anyone here has experience with these products.

I’ll definitely check on those ideas. I’m looking to treat and then put seat covers with foam liners on to prevent my kids and animals from trashing them.

I use Meguier’s Gold Class Leather Cleaner and Conditioner.The product works great for me and it’s affordable.

Missleman is that one product or two?

It’s an “all in one” product.