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I have a 1999 Nissan Maxima SE. I am trying to find a part #2L350-30850. My mechanic used the term “heater motor door” but I’ve seen it listed online as something like “temperature actuator”. Basically mine malfunctioned and the AC does not blow cold and heater not hot.y mechanic tried to contact Nissan and they gave him a wrong part number and then when they gave him the correct one it was discontinued as a new part. So now i need to likely find it used. Does anyone have a recommendation on a used part store online or any other way to find it?

Try here but don’t be surprised if your 24 year old car doesn’t show much success.

Try Ebay motors, try Nissan or Maxima forums.

Rockauto sells a heater air door actuator for your car.

Is this the part you need?

I don’t know?


Good advice above, that’s where I’d start. Next I’d try LKQ 's online website. Then the local auto recyclers. If you feel lucky, try the l pick n pull website. Pretty common car, so there may be a 99 Maxima on blocks at your local pick n pull, just waiting for you to retrieve that part from its hvac system. If you visit the local pick n pull, they can tell you all the cars that use that part, may be used on dozens of cars.

I have no experience with the Maxima nor with that particular part. I’m guessing it is a small plastic door in the duct work that changes position according to where heated air or cold air is supposed to be directed. the problem isn’t likely the door itself, it’s the actuator that controls the door’s position. Those doors typically are controlled with electric actuators (a type of electric motor), but some are controlled by vacuum motors too. The actuators may be part of the hvac door assembly, so to get a replacement actuator you have to get a replacement door.

Worse case, you might be able to do a magic trick, fix that door in one position in the summer, then change it to the other position for the winter. Note that accessing that door may not be at all easy. There’s usually several of these doors in the hvac system, and the ease of access depends on which door it is. Both of my vehicles have hvac doors, but they are controlled by simple manually operated cables. I’ve never had a cable or hvac door failure in 50 years for my truck, and 30 years for my Corolla.

1995-99 nissan maxima air mix actuator climate control 2l351 2l350 30850 is how it’s listed on Ebay, $57 with shipping.

1995-99 nissan maxima air mix actuator climate control 2l351 2l350 30850 oem #8 | eBay

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That part looks different than the one Tester posted above. Both could be functionally compatible though. Based on what it looks like in the ebay photo, one idea, it might be possible to revive the broken one. Remove it from the vehicle, and see if it can be taken apart. The problem might be obvious, or it might just need a dose of lube. Another idea, sometimes the computer looses track of the position of those types of actuators, and they need to be re-homed, put them in a position that matches what the computer thinks it is. Yet another idea, nothing is wrong with the actuator. Instead the door is stuck , possibly just by leaves/twigs/or other debris that has been sucked into the hvac system .

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Pictures are great when trying to figure out what you need. I don’t know anything about Nissan but if you go to an on line dealer, you should be able to find drawings of the part and the part number and what it is called. Or if that fails, act dumb and go to a dealer asking for the part and when they tell you not available look at the computer screen and ask them to do a screen print. They’ll be happy to get rid of you. Might have to go to s u pull lot if rock or eBay don’t work out. Got a feeling though it is the actuator since doors usually don’t wear out.

Nissan Parts online has those exploded view drawings for the system and would be a place for the OP to double check.

That looks similar but with the part number he gave me this is what came up.

Thank you for finding this for me! This matches what comes into the search when I plugged in the part number in the search engine. Have you had any luck with ordering parts from Ebay? I know they have a reputation for being a little “iffy” but most likely in the position I’m in where I’m dealing with a 24 year old car I can’t be too picky. LOL.

Thank you, that’s a great tip:)

good to know. Thank you.

Thank you I’ll take a look. Have you had much success with parts from Ebay?

Yes. Both used and new parts were OK.

But you don’t really have much choice.

Thank you so much for your thorough response. It’s really helpful for me. The link from ebay worlyrobb provided is the one my mechanic identified. He said to plug in the part in the search and that would be the correct one. I tried calling my local wrecking yard and the person who answered wasn’t able to identify the part by the number. He said Nissan and other companies had different parts than ones he had in his system. I’ve noticed that some of these business just want you to order even without being sure it’s the correct part because then they only reissue store credit when it goes sideways. So i’m thinking it might be better to just order what my mechanic said pops up on the search. It sort of defies the logic to buy local and have a person to help you instead of going solo. But in this case to prevent another hiccup it might be the better option. Thanks again.

I’ve never bought on Ebay but a co-worker has had good luck buying certain items. Really depends on the quality of the seller.

I’m still trying to track down this part. Unfortunately one of the best leads on ebay is not shipping the part I ordered and gives what appears to be an automated response when I check in with them. I found this part that looks similar. It claims that it’s a new part which seems promising but is that at all fishy since its for a very old car? Is it also safe to give them my VIN number to see if it will fit my car?