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Temperature Door Motor?

'97 GMC Sierra 1500-The climate control is stuck on HOT! Makes no difference what temp setting is, A/C on or off. The A/C pump kicks on when the contol button is depressed, yet all I get is HOT. Research has pointed me toward the “Tepmerature Door Motor”, at least that’s what I have found. Yet, not a single on-line parts store carries a “TDM”. All searches return “Not Found”. Blower and/or A/C Motor are the only climate control that return on the search. Am I missing something about the part name? Thanks, Jeff

I found a heater/AC blend door actuator for your vehicle here


Tester: Thanks. I should have posted to C & C 2 weeks ago!!!

I hope you proved that trouble is actually with the door itself as other things can cause the door not to function correctly.