Recommend me a car...thanks

So i currently have a nissan note…I don’t have much experience with other cars…

first of all…given the hot weather now…its aircondition is more like…burning everywhere from heat and on top of that being blast with cold air (somewhat) that doesn’t seem to help …its like givin a headache…its like a very amateur aircondition system

also its weak in highway…i almost couldn’t pass a van

this are my main priorities…i would also like it to be comfortable inside of course…

no sporty look…

i would consider sedan

price i would rather spend 30K but if we want to go to extremes just for the sake of it…up to 50Kish

You will get random suggestions here, but unfortunately they will not include every vehicle in the marketplace.
If you want an overview of everything that is available in every size class and every price class, I suggest that you go to a large bookstore (Barnes & Noble comes to mind), or to a well-stocked news stand in order to buy the Consumer Reports New Car Buying Guide.


In addition to dividing vehicles by size class and price class, it includes a brief review of each model, listing their positive points, their negative points, their fuel economy, their reliability rating, and their safety rating.


This car is pretty much the bottom of the market in the US. Not sure where you are, you don’t say, so not surprised the aircon and performance are both weak.

I would suggest you head over to the big used car sellers and test drive a number of different cars to find one that suits you. We can’t guess what you already know… You don’t have to buy from them or even buy used. Once you find what you like, go to the dealer and test drive a new one. See if you like that as well.

Buying a car is a personal decision not group think.


Additionally, the worldwide microchip shortage has led to reduced production of new cars, with resulting very high prices for both new cars and used cars. If the OP can tolerate his little Nissan for a few more months, the supply of new cars should increase and that will lead to lower prices (and greater selection) of both new cars and used cars.

Edited to add…
The ADM (additional dealer markup) on new cars is currently really excessive, as this article will attest:

This is an example of what the OP will have to deal with if he buys a car right now:

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One other piece of general advice - buy the car that meets your needs, not necessarily one that meets your wants. A lot of folks spend a lot more than they need to. Going from a Note to a $50,000 car is an example.


A Toyota RAV4 is in your price range and a pretty good vehicle

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There’s a new Corolla SE at $1000 off MSRP near me on Autotrader. Going for a sedan rather than the hot SUV market would likely save a lot of money.

There is something wrong with your Nissan Note ( what ever year it is and mileage unknown ) . I have driven a Nissan Note and it was fine. Also only you can tell if a vehicle suits you and anyone else that drives it. Go to each brands web site and you will see their models and prices .

Side note - Hardly anyone who comes here asking what to buy either buys some thing different than suggestions or never says what they bought.

Why are you asking us? There are many, many vehicles out there under $50,000 that are not in the least bit sporty looking.

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There could easily be something wrong with your Note’s AC. Why not have that checked? Beyond that, if you want something with more pep, maybe a Mazda 3?

What country are you in?

My library has it, as well as a subscription to their website. I can even connect from home, log in to my library account, get access.

I’m with the others who recommend seeing if you can fix your Note. Air conditioners leak, can sometimes be repaired with a kit from the auto store - inexpensive enough to try.