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Trying Not ot Look Stupid

I’m an adult and have never had car even resembling cool-well, little cool but they were Volvos. Got some money and would like to get 2 cars that are a little fun. Quality and reliability important- I don’t mind pre-owned. Would like one to be SUV style. $100K+ to spend. Ideas?

$100,000+ to spend?

Spend the first $10 at the bookstore on a Consumer Reports New Car Buyers’ Guide. You have loads of alternatives.

Personally, I’d start with a Nissan 350Z…unless the new 370Z is out already.

My brother in law got a used Miata convertible for his mid-life crisis. I’m a crew cab pick up person myself, but I would buy an Excursion or a Suburban for large SUV. Co-worker had an Escalade that spent quite a bit of time in the shop and they just didn’t like it. FWIW

Infinity G35 Coupe. Sounds like a Jag and looks like a Porsche.

Mazda CX-7. It’s a small “crossover” with a turbo charged 4cyl, so it’ll get up and go. Throw the extra 70k into retirement, or get a Nissan GT-R :stuck_out_tongue:

You are basically going to get responses which are merely the opinion of the poster because no one can tell you what you want.

I would never do this. $100K would be put into something that does not depreciate. However, that is your choice.

Lexus are cool to some people, even the rich man’s version. They do have some sportier models.

That black Solstice I saw in Puebla two days ago looked pretty cool.

Drive around, looking at cars and if you think something is cool, look it up in Consumer’s Report or other car review magazine. There are so many options.