Need new/used car recommendation

Sorry for the repost, put it in the wrong forum…

My Nissan Altima (2002/111,000) is burning oil…and getting worse. It is producing lots of smoke now on accelleration, and the engine is hesitatin while giving constant gas during accelleration.

Anyway, now looking to trade it in to get a new/used car. I’d like to stay under $20k. I actually have no clue what to get, and am really looking for reliability mostly.

I am 6’2" and like a little head room, and am around 220. I have 4 kids, so a decent back seat would be nice, but I don’t have the kids in the car that often.

I like Altimas, Maximas, TLs, G35s, but they are all pushing my price range on a 2 year old used car.

Anyone have and recommendations?

Cash or a loan? If it’s cash, I’d consider the G35. If it’s a loan, I’d look at an Accord 4-door. Avoid the moon roof; it reduces headroom. I’d also look at a 6-cyl 2008 Chevy Malibu.

It would probably be a mix. I would probably put about $5,000 down, so carry around $15,000.

Thanks for the recommendations.

If you are really tall, I’d recommend he Altima or the Malibu.

Check out the Ford Fusion. Depending on the options you pick, you could pick up a brand new one for under $20k. Incentives on the 09s will help bring cost down as well.

edit: whoops, meant 20k, not 20 dollars

They aren’t as cool…but Camry/Accords used in your price range are good no brainer try outs. Nissan products have spotty reliability records, though many models perform magnificently. Regardless of how well Malibu performs, I would lean toward Fords (Fusion/Taurus) in domestic line, ahead of both GM and Nissan products.
Have Fun looking…

Although Nissan / Infinity make a beautiful car, they are a bit on the spotty side when it comes to reliability. I’ve had great luck with Chrysler. I always buy used and always look for signs before buying a car. So if you don’t mind here’s a little shopping advice for you or anyone that may need it. When you do decide what your getting make sure you go to a reliable dealer that will stand behind the car and at least give you a 30 day written warranty. Look under the hood, and under the car (both the bottom of the car and on the ground) You’ll be looking for signs of oil, water, coolant, basically any type of liquid that’s not supposed to be on or dripping from the car. You look for this before starting the car and after you test drive the car. You want to look for rust as well. Test drive the car with the radio off so you can listen to the car. Any rattles from the suspension, pinging from the engine, pay close attention to the drive of the car, make sure it’s not driving a bit sideways (sign of A-frame damage). Hope this helps and Good luck in your search.

You want to get rid of a '02 and buy a “new” used car? I bought a 2005 CPO Camry with 36KM 6 months ago and with tax and license fees paid more than you budget. I know the miles on the Altima are high, but they should be hwy/easy miles. Maybe you can go for a rebuilt or lower mileage engine and save yourself some headache.