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Intermittent loss of fan,lights, windshield wipers on VW jetta

I have intermittent loss of the windshield wipers, AC/heater fan and lights (and the brake light is lit even with brake off). I can turn the bright lights on by pulling the lever. Other electronic things work- radio, inside lights, turn signals. Usually if I turn the car off and start over it goes away. Fuses appear ok. It’s a VW Jetta 97 GLS with about 75K miles (yes only…)- any ideas where to start? thx.

It sounds like your ignition switch may be on its way out. Try jiggling the switch when the loss of function occurs. If it has an effect, replace the switch before it fails completely, which is typical on Mk III Jettas. If it fails, you won’t be able to keep the engine running unless you clamp a vise grip on the ignition key to hold the switch in the “run” position. The part isn’t expensive, but it can be a tedious job to get the old switch out if you don’t have the right type of gear puller. Good luck.