Rear wiper and radio went at the same time

My 1987 volvo 240DL (devoid of luxury) lost both her rear wiper and radio at the same time. My fuses look fine so I dont know where to go next. Thanks

Sometimes the fuses can “look fine” but upon very detailed inspection, have very small breaks in the element. Make sure of this first. However, I find it hard to believe that these two items would be on the same circuit.

Second, the wiper most likely has a switch and a relay. Check both to make sure they are working. Do some research or ask a mechanic to check proper continuity or voltage.

Since the radio is the most important part of the car, focus all of your time on this. In my experience (which does not include Volvo’s), a car radio has it’s own fuse(s) separate from other devises. Sometimes in older cars (yours), the “plug in” wiring harness on the back of the stereo rattles loose.

Also, you may be able to trace the wiring to see if one or more of the wires’ insulation is cracked causing a short in the system. This is also common with older cars. In fact, it happened to mine before it was 10 years old! Good Luck!