Volvo V50 Radio & CD Player Stopped Working

I have a 2005 Volvo V50.The radio and CD changer will not come on when you push on. There is no display for the radio & CD player. There is dispaly for the heating & cooling systems. The speaker settings have dispaly. It is not a fuse. I had them checked. I just got up one morning and it would not work.

The answer to the question that you didn’t ask (and you didn’t ask any questions) is that the radio is most likely broken. Repair, replace, or ignore.

Since I didn’t ask a question…what is wrong and can it be fixed?

They don’t fix radios anymore, they replace them. In many Volvos the radio pulls straight out from the dash, disconnect the wires in back, hook up new radio and slide it back in. You might find a replacement radio on ebay. From a Volvo dealer you are looking at $500+.

It sounds like your radio has a blown something in the power supply circut.

It could be almost anything, and yes it can be fixed. However, the correct question should be more along the lines of “What is the most economical way to resolve this?” I suspect that the answer to that question would be to buy a used replacement unit from a local junkyard or e-bay. There are some places that will still crack open a head unit and repair it, but those are few.

Thanks to all of you for the information!

If it needs replacing (which it sounds like it does)…then go to

Prices are decent…they sell exact match kits for your car…along with instructions and a customer technical hot-line.


I looked at some data for the radio system and what you have is not an ordinary radio system. It is a pretty complicated system. The system power is controlled by a couple of relays and a number of fuses are involved to power the modules. Before doing any replacements I suggest you make sure power is getting to the following areas. Under the hood, verify power to fuses 16 and 22. In the Central Electronic Module verify power is getting to fuses 43, 64, 65, 66, and 67. Use a test light probe to check the fuses for power.

I took it to Pep Boys and had the fuses checked. They told me that all the fuses were fine. Since this is a complicated system, does that mean if I replace it, I would be better off putting the same system back in? Do you think that I would be ok with a used system if I can find one? Is it ok to try the junkyards? Thanks…

Yes, in your case you would do better to stay with the OEM system instead of something from Crutchfield. You would also be better off to stay away from Pep boys. It might even be worth it to pay the diagnosis fee to have a dealer look at it.

A used/junk yard one should be fine, as long as it is a working one.

Thanks so much. It isn’t easy trying to figure all this out when you are a woman that is car challenged! But, I want my music back!!!

You say the fuses were tested but when they did the tests did they make sure power was getting through all the fuses? We need to know this as fuses can be fine but if no power is getting to them you have nothing. Most of the fuses I mentioned earlier are tied to a couple of control relays so if those relays aren’t working for some reason there won’t be power getting to the fuses tied to the relay. If power was verified to be at all the fuses mentioned we can move on to the next step so please confirm this.

Don’t worry about being car challenged. We are here to help you get things going again. There are some good advisers here on this site with a lot of knowledge. Together we should be able to figure things out so it won’t cost you a lot of extra cash. If it comes down to having to replace things Ebay can be a good source sometimes to find things at a reasonable cost.

Example from Ebay: