Rear window removal

Can somebody out there give me a FOOLproof way of removing the rear window on a 65 Barracuda, short of smashing it. What I am trying to do is replace the headliner and it appears the rear window must come out. Thanks

The last time I saw someone replace a windshield, the guy first removed the rubber or plastic window trim from around the edges. Then he was able to remove more of the goo that held it in and push it out from the inside. I don’t know much about your Barracuda, but I hope this is helpful.

Here’s the basic procedure.


I’ve seen mechanics pay auto glass professionals to do this. Given how hard it might be to get a replacement, might be worth the $$. Remember folks, we’re talking about this huge, rare rear window:

I recently helped install the windshield and backlite (rear glass) in a 1962 Grand Prix and it was a basically a compression fit, it was not glued in. I know you are wanting to R&I the glass but I hope this helps. The rubber gasket around the glass has a slot all the way around and we simply laid the glass in and worked the gasket material around the pinch weld (if that’s what it is) with a couple of hooks.
Hope this helps.

I say have a new rear glass rubber on hand before you do this. I would sacrafice the gasket to be gentle with the glass.

Thanks for the info.

Thank you for the link. Even if I do not do it myself it was interesting.