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Cracked Windshield from the INSIDE repair

Hey guys, so I was a careless idiot and managed to bump something to the back windshield and there appears to be a crack there (from the inside of the car). It seems like it’s started to spread a little and I just don’t know what to do with it. I’m absolutely pounding myself over this stupid mistake and was wondering if I could repair it myself instead of paying stupid amounts for a professional repair.

I’ve brought the windscreen repair kit but don’t know if that will work since it’s on the inside and gravity won’t be working with me haha.

Have anyone encountered a problem like this before and what would be the best way to fix it and stop the crack spreading right now without drilling a hole in my windshield as I don’t have a drill and don’t feel comfortable.

Some help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

You can repair windshields some times.

You cannot repair the rear glass. Take it to an auto glass shop and ask them about a repair and a replacement. Replacement cost is likely less than you think.

Please tell me why you seem to have a issue with a) calling a professional shop and asking or b) stopping by a shop for an estimate. You are not alone, we get posts like this all the time. I am curious why.

I have no idea what your photo is supposed to show. It seems that you will not be successful trying to repair this your self.
I also do not understand why people don’t contact places that do repair and at least have an idea of the cost .

Can’t fix the rear glass. Like the side windows it’s called “popcorn glass” and is made differently from the front windshield.
Don’t beat yourself up. Even long time glass experts make them.

I’d try the Nano glass repair system before replacing the windshield.


Capillary action will fill the crack whether gravity works in your favor or not. That’s why water wicks under the cutting board in the counter. Since you have the kit, you might as well try it. Put plastic or newspaper under the crack in the rear deck to catch any filler that falls. If it doesn’t work, you can still take it to a glass repair shop.

You might also try you auto insurer to see if they will cover it. I broke the bottom of the windshield on a Regal I owned. I called my insurer and explained that I broke it. After laughing, they said they would cover it.

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That is not a crack, that is a mark on the glass or on the window tint film. You may be able to remove it with glass cleaner and a cloth.

If you attempt to drill into the glass it will shatter, the rear window is safety glass.

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Not a windshield…

back window…

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The OP is saying the INSIDE glass of the windshield is cracked.

Not on the outside glass, where most windshield cracks occur.


The OP said “back windshield”, not back, or inside, of the windshield. Either interpretation could be correct. Well just have to wait for @T86yota to return and explain it.

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Look at the title of the post,


What part of

…isn’t clear? The OP didn’t post “to the back OF the windshield”

You are assuming the OP actually knows what the rear glass is called.
I am assuming the OP understands prepositions.

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I read it to be back (of the) windshield, perhaps the OP will clarify.

The package shelf is shown in the picture.

It wasn’t clear to me. Never heard of the rear window be referred to as a windshield. It does need clarification.

If it’s the rear class then I concur it can’t be fixed…it needs to be replaced.

I believe it can be cleaned, it is only a mark on the glass.

Neither have I, but once or twice in this forum we have had people asking questions about their “rear headlights”. Think of all of the posts over the years about someone’s “V-4” engine, even when their vehicle clearly had either an I-4 or an H-4.

So, almost any type of terminology confusion is possible, I suppose.

Definitely, and until we get that clarification, we don’t know whether the OP is talking about the back of the windshield, or the rear window (alias “back windshield”).

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