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Pain of breaking Pane Provides Potential for Pitfalls or Can I Replace My Own Rear Window?

One of us broke one pane in the rear window slider of a 1998 Toyota Tacoma. It’s expensive to replace because we have a $500 deductible. Pane costs $154 on Ebay. Can I replace the slider myself?

Second question: I was interested in buying a Tacoma Topper (Like a LEER top, etc…) If I bought a used one, would I need to replace the window at all?

Third question: If the topper works, would the truck pass inspection without the one pane of glass?


I had a slider in my own Toyota pickup. Unless I miss my guess, I believe the rear slider is installed using a rubber grommet. I don’t think it’s bonded in. If I’m correct, a Haynes manual will show you how to remove the entire assembly and perhaps even an individual pane.

But let me suggest that you call a glass place like PPG. They can probably install a new pane in minutes, perhaps for less that the new pane on Ebay.

Remove these parts: Stopper and the fix frames.

Remove the slide glass: Pull apart the channels and remove the slide glass at the center area of the glass channel.

Reinstallation is the reverse of removal.


Thanks all. I went online to a glass shop that cut me a piece of safety glass for $30. It’s in. It doesn’t look original but it keeps cold and rain out. Thanks for the help.