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Rear Window Defrost lines broken on window

My rear window defrost has some of the lines broken. I believe this happened from the car wash when they wipe down the back window with a window cleaning solution. Now when I use my rear defrost, it only defrosts those sections where the lines have not broken. Is there a way to restore the lines and get the defroster to work on all of the lines so the full section gets defrosted? Any suggestions? The vehicle is a 2004 Suburban.

Go to your local auto parts store & ask for a rear defrost repair kit. I don’t know if they work - I only know that they exist. I do know that they’re pretty cheap and easy to use no matter what you level of mechanical knowledge (so there’s not much to lose).

Thank you for your suggestion. I will check with my auto parts store to see if they carry this kit.

Thank you again for your quick response.

I’ve never used one, but I remember a lot of people saying that they do work.

I’ve heard mixed results on those repair kits… doesnt hurt to give it a go, the only alternative is to have the complete backglass replaced. The usual cause of those lines breaking are things being packed up against the window, and then when you start driving it rubs through. I doubt wiping the window down with window cleaner caused that - but maybe.

the windshield cleaning solution was freezing up on them when they were wiping the window. The guy was scrubbing hard to get the solution off.

I have used the repair stuff before, and it seemed to work ok. The repair consists of a spcial paint that connects the two ends of each line and completes the electrical circuit. Use tape on each side of the break so you can get a nice fine line of paint, and make sure you get enough on to make a good circuit - even if it takes two coats.

I’ve used the repair stuff with GREAT success. It’s basically a small bottle of liquid copper. Comes with a brush applicator. Brush it on between the breaks, let dry (about 5 minutes)…and you’re done.