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How to melt snow on the rear window

I just bought a Toyota Corilla (2005). The rear window defrost works in a way but it does not melt the snow/ice. Is it normal? I used to have American cars, and the defroster always melted snow quickly. Any suggestions? Thanks. Lisa

Lisa does your Corolla have a rear window defroster? Not all vehicles have them. If you do have one then the defroster element may be broken. Most small cars that I’ve owned have had very weak rear window defrosters so you may have to remove the snow by scraping.

The rear window defogger is just that. It defogs the rear window. It’s not designed to melt snow in a short period of time.

You need to remove the snow from the rear window in order for the defogger to work more efficiently.


" I used to have American cars, and the defroster always melted snow quickly. "

I’ve got a garage and driveway full of American cars. We do remove much of the snow by hand, but the defrosters on each car will melt what’s left and any ice in short order, even at very cold (below 0*F) temperatures.

I would imagine that something is wrong with the one on your car.

Will it defog the glass if it’s fogged ?
When you turn it on will it begin making any horizontal lines on the glass ?
Describe “works in a way.”


When You Look Closely At The Window Do You See The Thin Wire Lines Of The Defroster That Make Up The “Grid” Of The Defroster, Running Horizontally Across The Window ?

Somebody being careless could have scratched the grid from inside the car and cut through a grid line or lines and that could keep them from working. Look for damage, a break in the thin wires of the grid. A “repair kit” is available if needed when damage is located.

Is there a switch on the dashboard that controls the rear defroster ? Does it light up when it is turned on ?