Rear struts camry 99 4c

i changed rear shocks and coil[spring] but the is a rattling sound coming from both shocks. i am planning to change the coil again today but i think that there must be another problem from reading on other postings in here. after i did the replacement 1 month ago the rattling sound was gone for that one month, i am suspecting may be the STRUT MOUNT, DEFECTIVE SHOCK, DEFECTIVE COIL [SPRING] OR MAY BE THE STABLIZERS. I went to firestone yesterday and they told me that everything looked perfect. but they cant explain where the sound is coming from. SOMEBODY OUT THERE HELP ME PLIZ

Take it to a mechanic, not a tire dealer. Springs aren’t the likely cause, could be one of the bushings in the rear suspension, that what caused noise on my '96.

Remove the rear package shelf and try retightening the top strut nuts. If these aren’t tightened enough, the two rubber isolation bushings don’t get squeezed into the mounting hole for the strut. This then allows the strut shaft to come in contact with the mounting hole which causes the rattling sound when bumps are encountered.