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Rear struts 1997 Buick

I have a 1997 Bucik LaSabre 122000 miles with self leveling struts. I have just replaced the rear struts because the my rear end was drooping. The problem now is they fill up with air and stay inflated. My first thought is the self leveling system is defected. My second thought is if my first thought is correct how do I solve my second thought. My third thought is could there be a diffrent problem? Next, should I replace the frount struts at the same time? They are the origanals.

What I’m taking from your post is the rear of the vehicle was sagging.

So you replaced the rear self-leveling shocks. These are filled from an integral air compressor.

IF you’re saying the shocks (struts) fill up completely so that the rear is way high, then you have to inspect the rear cross-member to ensure the leveling lever is in place.

If it misses the leveling stop switch, the air compressor will run and fill the shocks to the max.

A properly positioned leveling lever will make contact with the plate (shut off switch) and stop the compressor from filling the struts (shocks) when the rear is level.

Does the front end dip and become awkward to handle after hitting dips or bumps in the road? If not, I wouldn’t replace the front shocks (unless they are starting to leak).

i have a 1996 buick lesabre and had a similar issue… i had the rear struts replaced because the back end would be either too high or too low… the problem is likely the rear air self-leveling adjustment system. it cost a lot of money to replace (>$1000 for the part from a dealer.). one choice may be a system bypass that allows you to manually adjust the air in the rear. you can have it done for a little money (<$150). you then periodically check and adjust the air with any compressor (it has a shrader valve like your car’s tires)…if you replaced the rear stuts you should likely also replace the front stuts. the car will handle so much better…it really is a nice riding car…good luck.