Bouncing Buick!

My wife has a 2001 Park Avenue. It feels like the drivers side rear shock is blown. The car bounces very hard on that shock while driving, and if I get out and push down on that side it bounces. The other side just comes back up and stays when I push it down. I am not sure if this car has air shocks or what? My question is: Does this sound like a bad shock or could it be a malfunctioning air ride system (if this car has one)?

Sounds like a blown out shock absorber. Have you checked if there’s any oil leaking from the shock? Even if there’s no oil leaking, the valving inside could have failed.


Your Park Avenue or Park Avenue Ultra uses struts front and rear. The strut is probably blown since it bounces. Always replace the struts in pairs front or back. The best option would be to replace them all since your Buick is 10 years old. Have the air ride system checked (if you have one) when the struts are replaced.

It has a self leveling suspension. That implies that there is an air system to lift the back when packed. But you really need to put the rear end on jack stands, take the wheel off, and look at the shock tower to see if there is any liquid on the column, or if anything is broken.

Yep, friend had similar problem with their Buick. New shocks (2, always replace in pairs) are needed, could be more expensive with that auto level function.

Yes the struts are pumped up with air from a compressor located behind the right rear wheel. Be sure to disconnect the battery so that the self levelling system won’t try to level it when you start jacking with it. Other than pulling the clip to disconnect the air tube from the strut, the replacement is just like any other shock. A pair for a similar LeSabre I did last week was about $75.

Thanks for the helpful advise. Thought it would just be the shocks, but wasn’t sure about the air system. -Jeepheap

It’s a Jeep, I mean Buick thing, Ooops, wrong thread.