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Self-leveling shocks not working Buick Lucerne

I just put new rear air shocks on my Buick Lucerne. I noticed the back in my car bounced more than once when I tested them. After starting the car I hear the air compressor run for about five seconds. This seems to have no effect on my new shocks. The old shocks had holes in the bladder. What tests can I perform to figure out what’s wrong?

There may be nothing wrong.

Put some weight in the trunk so the rear of the vehicle sinks slightly.

Now start the vehicle and see if the self-leveling system raises the rear of the vehicle to it’s normal ride height.


Nope doesn’t raise

IF the air shocks are indeed connected to the compressor - no disconnected or kinked lines. It is likely the height sensor has failed. It is a device bolted to the car body with a link to the suspension on one side or the other.

The compressor is running to add a minimum amount of air pressure to the airbag on the shock so it doesn’t rub internally. It has a pop-off valve to limit the small amount of pressure (20 psi or so). It runs just long enough to make sure it gets to that 20 psi.

Look to see if the link is connected, it just snaps onto a little ball. It was likely disconnected to install the shocks and not reconnected. If it is connected, pry it off and raise it up while the key is in the RUN position so the compressor gets power. If the compressor does a short run and stops, your sensor is bad.

Link is connected on new shocks… what do you mean by “raise it up”? you mean the back bumper by hand?

The link is not on the shocks, the link is attached to the frame members (usually drivers side ahead of the rear wheel) and the electronic level control device. Just the plastic tubing should be connected to the shocks. You crawl under and see if there is a plastic link connecting the level control and the frame. The position of the arm on the level control is what determines the level.

Ahh… Now I get it… A little thick sometimes… Will try it on Thursday to see what I get. Thanks

If the arm is disconnected, just move it up by hand to see if the compressor kicks on and pumps up the air shocks. Pull it down to see if the air is released. If that works, just connect it and it should work.

If it IS connected, pop it off by prying gently with a screwdriver and then test as I described. If it doesn’t work, replace the height sensor.

HAH!! You were right the arm was disconnected (not the link) from the level module. I found a e-clip and used a spacer and a couple of washers and reconnected it… IT WORKS!!!