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Rear Strut Mounting Plate

Hello -

My daughter’s 2004 Dodge Stratus is making noise because the rear strut mounting plate is starting to wear away and is powdery. Chrysler does not make this part and the dealer said there is nothing they can do. They aren’t made after-market either. How dangerous is this car for her to drive? Where can we find this part? I already did a google search and came up empty. Thank you for your help!

This is apparently a known defect. The mounts are made of aluminum. Here’s post from another forum I frequent, posted by a Chrysler technician:

I’ve been seeing this more than I care to on JR cars lately. Especially here in road salt land (NY). The aluminum rear upper shock mounts just disintegrate from corrosion. The replacement mounts are painted stamped steel.

Unfortunately, the replacement parts are hard to obtain, and are apparently on back order by the hundreds. But you should try another dealer. The part number is 4879072AD. Here’s an order page from a dealer that will sell them by Internet or phone order (Franklin Sussex Auto Mall):

thank you so much. i will order one right now.