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2004 Sebring new rear strut needed?

Any ideas about what might be broken here? I’d like to avoid having to get two new rear struts (since the’re supposed to be replaced in pairs). From what I’ve found online, it’s not clear to me if the strut is gone or if there may be some smaller piece (perhaps just the mount?) I could replace.

It makes some noise while driving, which I don’t mind–I don’t drive it that much, but I’m worried that more serious damage might occur if I don’t get it fixed. It also appears that left rear of the car sits maybe an inch lower than the right rear–comparing the distance between the body and the top of the tire.

Hopefully these youtube links work

Many thanks for any tips or suggestions.


That’s the upper strut mount.

Something is definitely broken. What it is it’s hard to say.

But expect to replace both rear struts.


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Awwww, Tester beat me to it!
The brown piece sticking up is what’s left of the rubber upper strut mount bushing… the mount is totally history.

Could the strut be saved and just the mount replaced? Maybe… but there’s no way I’d do it. Clearly this system has led a hard life.

You need to replace BOTH strut assemblies including the mounts.

NOTE: I tried to see from the photo if the strut tower was rotted out, but couldn’t tell. Hopefully it isn’t.
Check your rear struts out too. They’ve led the exact same lives as the front struts.

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Thanks for posting the interesting photo anyway OP. I learned a little more about this topic from the experts here in the process. I got to thinking, what does that look like? A panting, albino mouse escaping upside down from a hole? … lol …

Thanks for the advice everyone.
So I decided to bite the bullet and just get everything fixed. The main thing was that the mount was rusted through.

You made the safe decision to get it fixed. Rusted strut mount, no good. Don’t want none of that. Thanks for posting back with the resolution to the problem OP. Best of luck.