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Rear side window smashed

One of my Saturn’s rear side triangle/cigarette window (the one next to the roll-down passenger window) was smashed in by a thief. (He/She stole my laptop PC.) It’s an old car ('95) so I really have no need to get if fixed…or do I? I’d like to just use some kinda quick remedy but I don’t necessarily want to limit any views, i.e., I want to have as much of my vision available to what’s outside my car. Would duct tape with see-thru plastic be the best bet? Rain isn’t in the forecast until Monday so I got time to think about it…assuming I can trust my marginal neighborhood to not reach into my car and steal any of my library books sitting in the back seat!

Never leave ANYTHING of value inside a car parked on the street…Drug addicts are everywhere and cars are their ATM’s

Perhaps a piece of clear acrylic glazing could be cut to fit and then held in place with silicone adhesive.

You could I suppose make a cardboard template and use it to cut some thin plexiglass from the big-box hardware store. But nothing other than a new window is going to give you the visability you desire…or the security that you apparently need.

To keep the cost down, you coould try the local boneyard and get an “exploded view” drawing from the dealer’s parts department to show you how it’s installed.