JESUS Take The Window?

I KNOW how the image of Jesus got there! I had the same issue on my truck. When you have a sticker over tint for a period of time, the image gets imprinted in the tint. Remove the sticker, and the image is still there in the tint, and will appear from time to time. That is how it was done.


How will we know if/when the picture of Jesus in the rear window is available?

so how DO i get the silhouette of the naked reclining girl off the window of my truck. (the wife is still $%^&over that one!

You don’t! Cover it up with a Boy Calvin decal. Or maybe something a little less controversial.

I have a very different suggestion for this. Normally, when you get your window replaced the garage will just throw the old one into the trash. What if you kept it? Put it on Ebay. This may sound crazy but this is EXACTLY the kind of thing that has sold for thousands on ebay.

There are a few issues you should think through before you do this, however. 1) How will you ship this window? The buyer will have to pay for it but you better have a way to do it and it can’t be more than, say, 1/2 of the price. 2) Make sure you will get at least what it costs you to replace it. 3) Consider spreading the story about your window around. This woman has done this but you can probably find a web site that will post it (one about cars, one about naked reclining windows, etc).