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Help before someone steals my car

OK it’s an 89 Accord and not pretty, but it runs and I’d like to keep it.

Anyways, for over a year the driver’s side window would not go down. Today it did, twice. I was on my way to church and had just had my car repaired at a Click and Clack recc. est. so I thought perhaps it was as if my car had been to “Lourdes”…miraculous recovery of a art I had not paid to be repaired.

Yeah, well until I tried the THIRD time. It’s stuck, half-way down. I just want to get the widnow up. I don’t care if ever works again, as long as it stays up.

Any help? Ideas? Plastic bags. I thought of sticking a sign on dash that says: Waiting to be towed.

An outside shot, pull the door panel and give a couple of thunks to the window motor with a rubber mallet and see if it goes up.

I have the same problem with my 2001 Honda Civic. My brother-in-law oiled something that made it work for quite a while (sorry - don’t know exactly what he oiled), but I’m back to the same problem. What I did, which is easier with two people but can be done by one, was put one flat palm on either side of the window, while pushing the automatic window-up button, and guide/pull the window up until it either engages (mine did), or it is up completely. Mine presently works to about half down, then slowly begins to stick, so I have to watch and remind passengers not to put it down all the way.

I also have an '89 Accord and my driver’s side window stopped working. I replaced the power window control unit (located under the passenger seat) and it started to work again.

I will check cost replacing unit and ease of getting seat out. My other windows work fine.

I ended up saying a few Ave Marias whie toggling the switch back and forth…it worked!

I will not be using that window again.

I would suggest that you use some duct tape to cover the switch. In a few months, one momentary bit of memory lapse could put you back in the same situation unless you make it impossible to activate the switch.

Thanks guys! I will use the duct tape because I WILL HIT SWITCH. This will save my husband being blamed for asking me to put the kid’s window down. Yes, I am psychic and see the future.

I doubt that anyone would steal the car as you describe it. But watch the items inside at least. If the window remains half down, empty your belongings from the car to protect that part of your investment.

If they really want to steal it bad enough, THEY WILL, regardless. But pilfering you personal belongings is often a crime of opportunity so don’t provide them any incentive.

‘Ugly’ is a good theft deterrent.

I have played weekends in bar bands for over 30 years and they haven’t bothered my truck in all that time. It’s a black Explorer and gets dirty sooner than other colors, so I leave it dirty. Ordered with no roof rack, no flashy logos or name plates, it looks quite drab and plain sitting amongst the others. ( No one can tell from the outside that it has Ford’s JBL sound system, XLT package, trailer tow pack, AND a full set of hand tools under the back seats.)

Ha. I actually get notes asking if I am selling. I was even asked once in aprking lot.

It’s a wanted modelin some cirlces. And it does drive well, I can’t complain. They can have tapes from 1989. I like to pretend it’s 1989 and the car is new, I am young and rich enough to have the latest model. : )

Another time I was walking up to my car aman was explaining to his son that back in the day…this was a nice ride. Cracked me up. It’s 20 this year!

My wife’s “baby” is a 1979 chevy short stepside pickup. We,too, are often questioned about it’s selling status and have been offered about ten thousand for it recently.