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Rear End Shimmy

I have recently been having some movement in the rear of my car…I can mainly feel it when I am going under 20 mph. I have had replaced the two rear tires with other used tires cuz my original tires were going bald. Can this be the problem? Can Broken belts on the tires or “BAD TIRES” can cause this or is it another problem I should be worried about i.e sway bar links/ sway bar, etc.? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance!! 2000 buick PA 3.8 TY

Move the back tires to the front. Then you’ll know if it is the tires. If so, then you need new ones. Were these tires properly balanced?

If you find out it isn’t the tire, then you need to take it to someone to inspect it. There are way too many possibilities. Some of them dangerous.

thanks a cig i will have that done first i dont think it was properly balanced but i cant be sure i had slow leaks on both rear tires so I had them replaced at a used tire shop. But now that I look at it one of the rear tires does have a slash on it on the outter tread and its pretty deep. Maybe that could be it? Ty for you help i will keep posted

Maybe whatever caused that slash has also damaged the tire internals.
Besides which, as tires run they develop a wear pattern. Switching them to a different rim after they’ve done so can leave them difficult to get to roll smoothly.

I’m not an advocate of used tires. Too many unknowns.

well it definitely feels like it is coming from the tire that has the slash in it and I can actually start to see the inner steel belt and it feels like im rolling over a rock or something when the tire rotates toward the slash so i kinda think it may b the problem but thanks for yalls advice it helps!

I appreciate not only the followup post, but also your having posted the question originally. In another thread we were recommending to a poster not to buy used tires. Your post serves as an excellent example of why. One never knows where used tires have been.