Rear camber adjustmant 2007 kia sedona

I had van into a reputable alignment shop and the rear camber is out of adjustment but there is no way to adjust it. is there an aftermarket kit available?

There are camber bolt kits available for your car. Was the car involved in any type of accident?


First off, I’m no Kia expert in any way, shape, or form but I thought the Kia Sedonas all had independent rear suspension.
Most IRS usually has provisions for alignment adjustments.

As mentioned, I would also be curious as to whether the vehicle has been in any accidents at worst or possible curb strikes with the wheels.

There are often limits to what alignment parameters can be adjusted and what can’t. It varies car to car. But most any alignment problem can be fixed, provided you are willing to pay for it. New parts, used parts, bending, welding may be involved. This isn’t an uncommon problem as it is easy to bend something by hitting a pothole or just getting up too tight against a curb. Ask the alignment shop staff what the options are for properly aligning your van. Maybe they’ll say the best option is to do nothing, since in their experience they don’t expect there to be any symptoms given the measurements they made.

no accident. can you tell me where you found this kit? I have some of the best shops around looking and they have not found any. I have searched the internet and nothing yet. the Kia dealer and alignment shops say there is no adjustment mechanism for the rear on this vehicle.

Here’s one.
There are numerous other sources that my Google turned up. Turns out the kits are readily available.

@The same mountainbike Unfortunately those kits are for the front. The OPs problem is in the rear. I couldn’t find anything for the rear.

Thought I had found one for the rear also. I will look again when I am in the shop in the morning.

This appears to be the camber bolt for your car.