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2007 Honda Odyssey Front End Camber Adjustment

I have an Odyssey with 49000 miles in with the horrible run flat tires. Keeping the alignment correct is very import to make them last as long as possible. I just had the alignment checked and the camber on the front left cam in at -0.73degrees, spec is -0.50 to 0.50. After adjustment it was still at -0.73. When I questioned the rep about this, he said that it is not adjustable. I thought that was odd they would have a spec and then not make it adjustable. But he insisted that is normal. After doing some research, I think he was giving me a line. Is it adjustable or not?

The camber can be adjusted by replacing the strut to steering knuckle pinch bolts. These are special bolts and the dealer may have to order them. Most mechanics probably feel 1/4 of a degree is not worth the effort if they have to order the bolts then align the vehicle again.

Non-adjustable camber and caster is pretty common and the reason for it is that it cuts production costs by just stamping things out and being done with it. The car owner is the one holding the bag later on when things do not match up.

The camber could be off due to the suspenion settling, wear in a suspension component, or damage due to a pothole or curb strike.
No more than the camber is off I wonder why they did not loosen the pinch bolts, force the top out a little, and then retighten the pinch bolts. Often there is enough wiggle room in the bolt holes to allow at least a little adjustment.

The other tire is the one that has been knocked out of an alignment due to a curb strike, that one hasn’t. But there are few good potholes around here unfortunately. I will keep an eye on the tire for unusual wear and go back to them if I have to. Thank you for the info it is greatly appreciated.

You may want to try a different shop next time. They may not want to fool with the eccentric bolts thata Nevada mentioned.