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After-market adjustment bolts for camber

I have a 2002 Hyundai Accent that was in an accident a few years ago. The car was hit from the side T-bone style and I think that the body shop that worked on it didn’t bend the frame back completely. This seems to have resulted in the the wheels on the right side of the car tilting slightly in “”" that direction. I went to a tire place to have the camber adjusted for, but they told me that my car doesn’t have any way to adjust for it. I was at a chain muffler shop getting my oil changed recently and the guy behind the counter said that there are after-market bolts that you can buy that will replace two of the bolts attaching the struts to the wheels on that side that will allow you to adjust for the camber.? Has anyone heard of such a part? It seems like that fix would be preferable to going and paying a body shop to straighten the frame. Thanks for you input.

Google for Hyundai Accent camber kit.

It’s not exactly the preferred fix, but considering it’s probably well beyond the value of the car to try to straighten the unit body now, it might well be the way to go.

Tell you what you do: take it to a good suspension and alignment specialty shop and tell them what happened and that you’re thinking of just putting in a camber kit to correct the problem. They will probably have access to the parts and can install them for you.

Best of luck.

Yes, there are aftermarket bolts made to offset slightly to make non-adjustable suspensions adjustable, depending on the configuration. The trick will be to find parts that will fit your car.

Start with a good parts man and/or a thorough Internet search. If you cannot find any that are advertised as fitting your car, you may have luck by pulling the bolts and figuring out what size and shape you need to correct the alignment.