Rear brakes clicking sound

I have a 2002 KIA Sedona that I just had new drums, brakes and brake kit put on. The braking is fine, however I hear a clicking sound from the backend now when I apply the brakes when I just about come to a stop or lightly braking in my neighborhood. What is causing it and how dangerous is it?


It sounds like the brakes need to be opened back up to see what is going on. A clicking sound from the rear brakes could be any number of things and brakes are nothing to mess with. Get it looked at right away.

It might be that the new shoes are sticking a bit. They’ll stick to the drum a bit as you roll to stop, then snap back into their nominal position. It might cause a click I suppose. Ask your shop if they thoroughly cleaned the rust-proof agent off the inside of the drum before intalling the new drums. Sometimes they forget, and it will cause weird symptoms like this. The safest bet course as mentioned by @bloody_knuckles would be to ask the shop (or a shop) to remove the rear drums and do a visual to see if anything has come loose or was incorrectly installed.

I am going today after work but not sure how late he is open