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Clicking noise '97 Toyota Camry

I been hearing a clicking noise coming from the back right side when I brake. The mechanic said this is not the case and has replaced the right wheel hub, and front axle, and the struts. He is searching for the noise as the noise seems to shift- it really is odd. Any ideas? The mechanic did pay for the axle as it is driving him crazy not to find the problem. I have ABS brakes and this is a 4cyl with almost 200,000 miles.
Thank you for your help.

“The mechanic said this is not the case”

The mechanic said what is not the case?

First you said the noise comes from the right rear when you brake. Then you said it shifts. Meanwhile you have the mechanics replacing things in the front (CV axle), and we don’t know which struts were replaced. (All 4? Front only? Rear only?)

If its elusive enough that a mechanic who can actually inspect and drive the car can’t find it then you’ll have to do a lot better with your description for a bunch of strangers on the internet who will never be able to see the car.

“I been hearing a clicking noise coming from the back right side when I brake.”

One click or continual clicking ? Is it more likely after changing direction from forward to reverse or reverse to forward ?

Some older model Camrys had brake pads that clicked. Toyota recommended brake pad grease to quiet them.

How much money are you going to put into a 14 year-old car to alleviate a clicking noise ? I’d just have it thoroughly safety checked by a competent mechanic, making sure it’s safe, and drive it. These cars had lots of problems and it’s hard to know what will be next.

Save the money for a newer replacement.


The Mechanic is the one who kept trying new things. cig, you’re right. I did not give much information. I tried posting more first and the system did not post it. The clicking I hear sounds like it is coming from the rear left side( I know I said right). The mechanic stated that often a noise will sound like it is coming from the rear, but it will actually be a problem in the front. He looked at the brakes, resurfaced the disk’s , he replaced the right rear Hub, the front left axle, and the front struts ( different noise going on with these). He says the car is safe to drive and nothing is going to fall off. I was just wondering what this noise is and could it be coming from the ABS system.
Common sense answer- thanks, I agree. I am trying to keep the car going two more years as I am saving up for a new car- then I will have more questions- which one to buy. Maybe it is just the brake pads. I hear it only when I brake slowly and it is noticeable when I almost stop- no turning is needed to hear the sound, nor any backing up.