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Clicking noise when brake applied

Why does my car make this clicking noise just as it’s coming to a complete stop? It just started this today and it sounds like it’s coming from the right front end of my car.

The clicking sound may be from a worn cv-joint or possibly from a worn wheel bearing.

Clicking noises when turning are symptomatic of failing CV joints. When stopping, more likely some other suspension component. But it could be something as simple as a missing bolt on the caliper bracket. I’d get it checked out by someone competent. If it is a CV joint, torsion bar bushing or flapping spray shield, you can possibly live with it for a while. If it is a wheel bearing or ball joint, that’s a safety issue. Ignoring it can kill you or someone else.

Can you feel it in the brake pedal…as if it might be something in the ABS sysytem??

I don’t really feel it in the brake pedal. I just hear it coming front the front right side just before the car comes to a complete stop. And I did notice notice that if I brake a lot easier than I normally do, I don’t hear it.

Ok thanks!

Thanks! I’ll get it definately checked out.