Rear bearing / hub removal

How do I remove the stamped retainer over the large nut which keeps the bearing & hub on the spindle? It looks like a nut cover with a hole in each flat, but there doen’t appear to be anything in any of them

What year Taurus?



2000 with drum brakes

That stamped retainer is part of the nut. Remove the retainer/nut and discard. This is a prevailing toque nut and cannot be reused, but must be replaced when reinstalling the hub/bearing


Thank you
That might explain why some refer to a 32 mm nut and others a 36mm nut. Does this nut come with the hub/bearing or is it a seperate item? What is the torque spec?

The new hub/bearing should come with a new nut. The torque spec for the nut is 188-254 ft-lbs.


Thank you, I appreciate all of your information